Lessons with Stephen have been of immense reward, both in practical application to my day to day work (as a singer and musician) and in creating a more positive and helpful mindset in movement and thought. Discussions are always thought-provoking and he takes an interest in providing further reading and inspiration far beyond the sessions. The Technique has made me feel more open and has changed the way I think and apply myself to singing and running. Plus he brings joy and humour to the process! Tom Coltman

I contacted Stephen about a repetitive strain injury to my wrist following too many long hours at the computer.  I was unsure and even a bit sceptical that Alexander could help a wrist injury, but lessons made me understand how the whole body plays a part in the way we function. Changing the habitual way I typed and used the computer allowed me to see how I was the cause of the problem. He taught me that by changing my patterns the strain  would dissolve away. By applying The Alexander Technique I learned to be more aware of how I hold tension in various parts of my body and how to release it. Stephen’s patience was positively pain changing! Freda Matassa

I really looked forward to my sessions with Stephen learning about and practising the Alexander technique. I suffered with a very painful shoulder and back pain for quite a while and having heard about the Alexander Technique I wanted to see if this could help relieve the pain. I very much enjoyed Stephen’s gentle and encouraging manner and ability to explain things clearly. As a result, I have learnt how to release tension in my body which has greatly relieved the pain and my posture has improved. I have learnt a lot about how I hold myself and about being more fluid in my movements. A great teacher – Thank you Stephen!  Hilary Ison

Stephen helped me realise how much pressure I am putting on my joints/muscles, especially my neck, in everyday movements. This has also proven very useful when working as a massage therapist, for every treatment I now perform I look after myself more through an improved working position.In his lessons I have learnt so much about myself and I really like his approach. Kristian Saetre